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Know Your Students. Each One.

GradSnapp is a student management platform for college success. With the right information at the right time, advisors can help where they’re needed most.

Acceptance letters are great. Diplomas are even better.

Understand Each Student's Journey

Get the full picture (academic, financial, home/life) and know when you need to step in.

Save Time and Budget

Engage with more students without increasing costs.

Intervene and Improve

Use student performance and outcomes to improve their chances of graduation.

GradSnapp was created for college success advisors, by college success advisors. From its origins at Dell Scholars, today our technology has been implemented by more than 45 organizations, supporting over 30,000 students through college.

How To Guide To Student Interventions

Interventions can help advisors effectively manage action items, keep track of associated activities, and monitor progress. In this e-book, learn when and how to create an intervention to manage the process.