With the right information at the right time, advisors can help where they’re needed most. That means more effective support, and more students reaching college graduation.

Why We Created GradSnapp

Today, only 26 percent of college attending low-income students will graduate within six years. Our mission is to provide best-in-class technology to college success programs to increase college graduation rates on a national scale. We can help more students reach their higher education goals if we’re equipped with the right information to support their progress through college.

Where We Come From  

GradSnapp was developed from the technology behind Dell Scholars, the scholarship and college-completion program of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. Dell Scholars are from low-income backgrounds and are often the first in their families to attend college, without a strong support system to help them navigate the higher ed landscape. Equipped with timely and actionable information on each student, Dell Scholars supports students all the way to graduation day – at a rate twice the national average.

How We Work

For students struggling along the college journey, knowing that someone believes in them and has their back can make all the difference. Recognizing that there are only so many hours in the day, GradSnapp leverages technology to support the relationship between advisors and/or other support roles, helping them determine when personal interventions can have the greatest impact. With more than a decade of proven success, GradSnapp provides the technology needed to know your students and support them to success, at scale.

Supporting more than 30,000 students to college graduation.

The GradSnapp Team

Oscar Sweeten-Lopez


Oscar Sweeten-Lopez is the president of College Success Tools at the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, the founder of GradSnapp, and past president of the Board of Directors for the National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA). That’s a lot of titles, but here’s the part that matters to you: Oscar is mission-driven, college graduation-motivated and technology-obsessed. Oscar served more than a decade as the portfolio director overseeing the highly successful Dell Scholars program. His work directly advising students and developing a high engagement program model at scale has provided him the experience and insights to build technology that addresses the needs of college success advisors.

Bryan Potter

Technology Services Director

Derrick Ndeh

Community Success Manager

Daniel Nelson

Senior Developer

Curtis Powell

Community Success Manager

Spencer Ramsey

Community Success Manager

Claudia Moya Sanchez

Community Success Manager