You’re focused on supporting students. We’re focused on supporting you.

Through GradSnapp, college success advisors access the technology, resources, and community they need to effectively support students through a college degree.

A student in cap and gown poses in a park-like area on campus.

Our Mission

A college degree can provide a pathway to prosperity for students and their families, but too many deserving students leave college before reaching graduation. The right support at the right time can help them stay on track to achieve their higher education goals.

An initiative of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, GradSnapp was created to equip college success organizations with best-in-class technology and proven advising approaches, aiming to improve college graduation rates on a national scale.

How It Works

Know Your Students. Each One.

By building relationships between organizations, we can leverage the collective expertise of the GradSnapp community so every organization and advisor can learn and innovate together.

For Advisors,

By Advisors.

Year-round educational programming helps advisors stay up to speed on the ever-evolving higher education landscape and explore proven advising approaches – all rooted in the expertise of seasoned college success professionals.

Learning Together.

Our cloud-based student management platform allows advisors to access timely and actionable information about their students, so they can work more efficiently and help where they’re needed most.

It all adds up to more effective support and more students crossing the graduation stage.

The GradSnapp Team

Todd Penner

Program Director

Bryan Potter

Technology Services Director

Daniel Nelson

Senior Developer

Curtis Powell

Community Success Manager

Spencer Ramsey

Community Success Manager

Claudia Moya Sanchez

Community Success Manager

Britni Searle

Community Success Manager