For Advisors, By Advisors

Acceptance letters are great. Diplomas are even better. But many low-income, first-generation students have a hard time getting to that diploma. Finances, life circumstances, the academic and personal challenges of college – it’s complicated. It’s so complicated that only two out of 10 of them complete college within six years.

We can help more students get to graduation if we’re equipped with key pieces of information to support their progress through college.

GradSnapp was developed from the technology behind the Dell Scholars program. Since 2004, Dell Scholars has supported nearly 4,000 students with a very lean team. Our ability to help scholars depended on what we knew about the challenges they were facing, and our technology helps us get that information directly from students. Once we knew a student needed our help, we could easily intervene and provide the appropriate support.

And now GradSnapp is available for you to use to help your own students cross that graduation stage.