GradSnapp in Action: Goddard Riverside Options Center

Four students sit on a lawn in the middle of their college campus.

We are proud to partner with practitioners supporting students to college graduation. In this blog series, you will hear from our partner organizations about their programs, best practices, and GradSnapp tips and tricks, along with inspiring work helping students reach college graduation. Lissette CaravantesSuccess CounselorGoddard Riverside Options Center Tell us about the Goddard Riverside Options […]

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Free Resource: Improving Financial Literacy for College

A student and teacher sit together at a table for a discussion about the student's work.

For students who plan to pursue a college degree, the final years of high school can feel like information overload, from rigorous coursework to campus visits and test prep, requesting recommendation letters and managing application deadlines. When it comes to financial preparations for college, the conversation often begins and ends with one word – FAFSA. […]

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Why aren’t more low-income students reaching college graduation?

A college student stands in the stacks reading a book in their college library.

We often hear inspiring stories about disadvantaged students who overcame all the odds to graduate from college and embark on a successful career. They lift up their families, their siblings who follow in their footsteps, their communities that begin building pathways out of poverty. A college degree can create a lifetime of new opportunity for […]

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Free Resource: 12 Months to College Success

A college student browses the library.

While every student has their own college experience, many are navigating common challenges along the way. This resource will help advisors identify key events and potential risk factors at a glance. It offers a quick preview of coming months that will help keep recurring activities top of mind. For college success advisors, these major events […]

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Five students who might need extra support after freshman year

Three students study in their college library.

Heading into fall, we’re often focused on our first-time college students and helping them lay the foundation for success. No doubt, this support is critical – but many returning students also need help to keep on track towards college graduation. Here are five different types of returning college students who might need this additional support. […]

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GradSnapp on the Go

Two teachers walk the hallways of their school.

With a powerful computer in the palm of your hand (or just a voice command away), it’s little wonder that Americans look at their phones nearly 50 times per day and more than two-thirds access the internet on mobile devices. Nowadays, we’re increasingly likely to pull out a smartphone to complete everyday tasks. Looking to book a flight, […]

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Collective case management: How does it work?

An educator works with a group of students in the classroom.

GradSnapp can help you collect, manage, and evaluate important data and insights that inform how you prioritize issues and strategize with your students. In the Dell Scholars program, this technology is used to manage everything from the scholarship application process and award disbursement to academic progress and goal management. The platform allows for efficiencies that give their small team time to focus on relationships with the students. […]

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