GradSnapp in Action: Goddard Riverside Options Center

Four students sit on a lawn in the middle of their college campus.

We are proud to partner with practitioners supporting students to college graduation. In this blog series, you will hear from our partner organizations about their programs, best practices, and GradSnapp tips and tricks, along with inspiring work helping students reach college graduation. Lissette CaravantesSuccess CounselorGoddard Riverside Options Center Tell us about the Goddard Riverside Options […]

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Overcoming Information Overload: Taking Action on Student Data

An educator reviews student progress on his laptop.

In our previous posts, we introduced GradSnapp’s student survey feature and outlined how it enables collective case management. We also discussed tips and tricks for incentivizing students to complete the survey with quality data, and in a timely manner, providing the information you need to support them to college success. So, great news! Whether from […]

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