Student Engagement through Instagram Stories

A student stands in the college library looking at messages on her smartphone.

College success advising used to take place over in-person meetings and by phone. But between video chats and texting, more informal ways of communicating have become mainstays of advising in recent years. These channels are often less intimidating for students, not to mention more convenient, making it easier than ever for students to share feedback or reach out when they need support.   Social […]

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Text Campaigns for College Success

Student walks while checking their cellphone

Does your approach to text messaging make it easier for you to do your job? College success advisors are often stretched thin, but texting campaigns can help increase student engagement with your program and even connect you with the information you need to provide effective support. Text messages are easily tailored to different student segments, […]

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Increasing Student Engagement in a Hybrid Environment

A teacher works with two students in the classroom while using a computer for virtual learning.

Throughout the past year, there have been sharp changes in students’ needs, expectations and priorities that have forced higher ed institutions and college success programs to rethink their approaches to supporting and engaging students. Heading into a new academic year, there is now a huge opportunity to embrace new models of learning and engagement, blending […]

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How Advising Notes Can Help You Earn Students’ Trust

A teacher reviews her notes while advising a student.

When a student is struggling in college, it can take a lot of courage to ask for help. It’s not easy to overcome insecurities and self-doubt to admit that their grades are suffering. Financial difficulties, mental health struggles, and family problems can leave a student feeling vulnerable. Whatever the challenges they are facing, their college […]

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How Online Events Can Boost College Persistence

A student sits near a window while working on his computer.

Many college students are feeling isolated this school year, whether they are navigating strict coronavirus protocols on campus or tuning into virtual classes from far away. Particularly for first-year college students, this year presents a huge challenge for persistence amid practical challenges and personal upheaval. While in-person meet-ups are off the table, it’s more important […]

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How To Celebrate Graduation In The Time Of Social Distancing

A student stands in cap and gown on her college campus.

In response to COVID-19, many colleges are shifting commencement ceremonies to virtual events, if not postponing indefinitely or canceling them altogether. After all their hard work through college, students graduating this semester may never have the opportunity to wear their cap and gown or walk across the graduation stage. It’s easy to imagine the disappointment […]

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5 Tips to Support College Students through COVID-19

A student works on an assignment in the school library.

From campus closures to virtual learning, to the emotional toll of these uncertain times, it would be difficult to overstate the impact of COVID-19 on our college students. There was certainly no playbook for those supporting students through these unprecedented circumstances, but we’ve been inspired to see so many organizations rise to the challenge to […]

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In Defense of Text Message Nudges

A student on campus looks through messages on her phone.

For organizations supporting college persistence, nudges by text message have been heralded as a potential gamechanger. Early on, programs like Georgia State and uAspire demonstrated encouraging results in reducing summer melt and engaging students along the college journey, with Georgia State attributing a 22 percent reduction in students lost to summer melt to a texting […]

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