Free Resource: Know Your Students With the College Plans Survey

Consider the factors that can impact a student’s college persistence, and it’s clear that one-size-fits-all advising won’t cut it. Providing effective support begins with knowing each student as an individual — their goals and motivations, concerns heading into the semester, and personal circumstances and responsibilities outside of school. The College Plans Survey requests information directly from students, providing valuable insight to advisors through a process that is easily scaled and delivers quick results.

Here are some of the factors that can help you prepare for success from the start.

Academic Plans

Beyond just sharing their intended college and program of study, offer students the opportunity to share concerns about college-level academics or adjusting to campus, inviting a conversation around the college transition. Students can also indicate if they plan to enroll part-time or take remedial coursework; in either case, advisors can support long-term planning to help students navigate these persistence risk factors.

Paying for College

When it comes to financial aid, the devil is in the details. That’s why we request financial aid award letters and a detailed breakdown of college costs, financial aid, scholarships, and loans. With this information in hand, advisors can clearly point to a student’s level of unmet need or help them understand how to keep college debt to a minimum, based on their full picture of their financial aid sources and expenses.

School-Life Balance

Responsibilities outside of the classroom can have a big impact on academic performance. Advisors may flag students working 21+ hours per week for continued follow-up, offering tips and motivation to help them balance it all. When it comes to housing arrangements, students living at home may be expected to help care for siblings or manage other household needs. By seeing the full picture, advisors are better prepared to offer coaching that aligns with a student’s priorities.

At GradSnapp, we believe in the power of knowing your students — each one. Information from student surveys can provide a foundation that informs your advising approach from onboarding all the way through graduation.

The survey can be launched and modified through GradSnapp, or CLICK HERE to download a PDF.