Recommended Reads for College Success Advisors

For college success advisors, each new semester offers an opportunity for reflection. While supporting students day-to-day, it can be challenging to keep up with the constant changes in the higher education landscape or take a step back to consider new support strategies that may help your students along the college journey.

Here are our recommended reads that will educate and inspire as you look to the semester ahead.

The B.A. Breakthrough by Richard Whitmire

You might know Richard Whitmire from The 74’s series The Alumni, which showcased the efforts of leading charter school networks to support students through college completion. Or you may know him as a prolific education writer, or from his work as a veteran newspaper reporter and editorial writer.

If you haven’t found him already, The B.A. Breakthrough is a great place to start. Follow his journey across the country through innovative charter programs and nonprofits, pioneering K-12 schools and beyond, for an exploration of what’s working in college success – and why it matters.

Helping Children Succeed by Paul Tough

In his most recent book, Helping Children Succeed: What Works and Why, journalist and New York Times bestselling author Paul Tough explores the difficult topic of childhood adversity and the strategies that can help these disadvantaged children succeed.

While the book isn’t specific to college completion, it’s a thoughtful read around the unique challenges that students from low-income backgrounds are facing and how we can help improve their chances for the future.

The College Completion Glass – Half-Full or Half-Empty? Exploring the Value of Postsecondary Education by Tiffany Beth Mfume

In her role at Morgan State University, where she serves as assistant vice president for student success and retention, Tiffany Beth Mfume has spent a lot of time thinking about the true meaning of college success.

In this book, she explores the methodology behind college retention and completion rates, how it could be improved, and why it matters – while taking a well-informed look at the power of a college education for upward social mobility. Check out her interview with Inside Higher Ed to learn more.

The Years That Matter Most: How College Makes or Breaks Us by Paul Tough

This is Paul Tough’s second appearance on this list, and for good reason. His upcoming book, available September 10, dives into the state of higher education in the United States. How do our institutions work, who do they work for, and how are they evolving?

A recommended pre-order heading into the fall!

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