Financial Aid Verification: 4 Things Your Students Need to Hear

A student advisor discusses financial aid verification with a student in the school library.

Financial aid verification adds an extra step for students applying for college, a routine process that comes around again each year. For college success advisors, this is familiar territory, but the process is anything but routine for our students. We shouldn’t forget what an unnerving experience it can be for students who may perceive verification […]

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Free Resource: Improving Financial Literacy for College

A student and teacher sit together at a table for a discussion about the student's work.

For students who plan to pursue a college degree, the final years of high school can feel like information overload, from rigorous coursework to campus visits and test prep, requesting recommendation letters and managing application deadlines. When it comes to financial preparations for college, the conversation often begins and ends with one word – FAFSA. […]

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