Free Resource: Know Your Students With the College Plans Survey

A college student looks over her work in a common area on campus.

Consider the factors that can impact a student’s college persistence, and it’s clear that one-size-fits-all advising won’t cut it. Providing effective support begins with knowing each student as an individual — their goals and motivations, concerns heading into the semester, and personal circumstances and responsibilities outside of school. The College Plans Survey requests information directly […]

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How to Use Surveys to Support College Student Mental Health

Three students study in a group at their college library

The beginning of the fall semester is likely to leave many college students feeling vulnerable. Amid public health concerns, social isolation, and increasing financial insecurity, along with a national reckoning when it comes to racial inequity, many students have struggled with anxiety and depression in recent months. As coronavirus cases spike across the country, college […]

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Free Resource: Improving Financial Literacy for College

A student and teacher sit together at a table for a discussion about the student's work.

For students who plan to pursue a college degree, the final years of high school can feel like information overload, from rigorous coursework to campus visits and test prep, requesting recommendation letters and managing application deadlines. When it comes to financial preparations for college, the conversation often begins and ends with one word – FAFSA. […]

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