GradSnapp in Action: Collegiate Academies

Collegiate Academies builds world-class public charter schools that prepare all students for college success and lives of unlimited opportunity. The organization was incorporated in September 2011 in New Orleans, expanding to Baton Rouge in August… Read more »

How summer surveys can lead to fall success

Summer is a critical time to put plans in place for students attending college in the fall. Many of them have overcome tremendous adversity to reach this point, and nothing is more rewarding than helping them get on (or stay on!) the track towards… Read more »

Collective case management: How does it work?

GradSnapp can help you collect, manage, and evaluate important data and insights that inform how you prioritize issues and strategize with your students. In the Dell Scholars program, this technology is used to manage everything from the scholarship application process and award disbursement to academic progress and goal management. The platform allows for efficiencies that give their small team time to focus on relationships with the students.

Know Your Students. Each One.

“Know Your Students. Each One.” This is our motto at GradSnapp, but it also could have been the theme of the first Scholarship America Partner Summit, which we were proud to sponsor this month in Washington DC. The event… Read more »


Integrated Student Communications

We get a lot of questions about why we built GradSnapp and what makes it unique among other similar platforms. A lot of this answer comes from our experience with the Dell Scholars program. GradSnapp… Read more »

Acceptance Letters are Great. Diplomas are Even Better.

This year, I attended the National Charter School Conference (NCSC) to share GradSnapp, a technology that helps students complete college by tracking continuous student progress. Over the course of the conference,  the most common sentiment… Read more »