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Helping Charter Management Organizations support students to college graduation

Helping Charter Management Organizations support students to college graduation

Everyone who’s in the business of educating students wants them to be successful.  But how do we define success?  For most, high school graduation is simply not enough.  Students who graduate from college have an advantage over their peers who only graduate from high school. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, a college graduate will earn approximately $1 million more over his/her lifetime than a high school graduate and will experience unemployment rates 54 percent lower than high school graduates.

Many Charter Management Organizations (CMOs) include college graduation as a major goal. For example, IDEA Public Schools notes this on their website: From Pre-Kinder to 12th grade, IDEA Public Schools is focused on sending 100% of our kids to college. But a big challenge for CMOs and charter schools is that they are not able to track students to college graduation once they leave high school. Once students leave the building, how do they know when students veer off course to college graduation?  Or need extra support?  Or fail a class?

USA Today’s Greg Toppo wrote about this problem in his article Charter schools’ ‘thorny’ problem: Few students go on to earn college degrees. In the article, it’s noted that college graduation rates are far lower than high school graduation rates for many charter schools, and that these schools need to rethink how they will ultimately get more of their students to college graduation.

We have a solution to this complicated problem: GradSnapp.

A solution for CMOs and charter schools

The Dell Scholars Program team spent a decade creating GradSnapp so we could do this very thing – track and inspire our Dell Scholars to college graduation.  Once we saw how successful the tool was in helping us support our scholars to college graduation, we knew we had to share it with others.

We recently piloted the tool with three college prep school models over three years: YES Prep, Mastery Charter Schools and Cristo Rey.  We wanted to learn if GradSnapp could be useful for CMOs that needed to maintain information about students to track performance and progress in their high school years, and also track their students to college graduation.  After three years of piloting the tool, what did we hear?

According to Tenesha Villanueva from YES Prep Public Schools, “GradSnapp has given me several hours back in my day. But, most importantly, it allows me to help our students cross the finish line to college graduation.

Other feedback focused on seven key GradSnapp features that changed the way CMOs tracked their students and saved them valuable time:

  1. Student engagement portal
  2. Comprehensive student profiles
  3. Integrated email and text
  4. Risk algorithm and warning flag indicators
  5. National Student Clearinghouse integration
  6. Event management
  7. Advanced search and reporting

GradSnapp was created by practitioners for practitioners to help more students graduate.

My advice? Try it.

GradSnapp was created by practitioners for practitioners.  It’s a tool that was designed to save you time and get more of your students across the college graduation finish line.  It was built with those needs in mind, so you can say goodbye to having to being last in a long line to customize a more general technology, such as a CRM system, that makes you fit how it works rather than the other way around.

Most importantly, it helps you know your students – each one.  You can customize this tool to your needs, so that you know when they need extra support, when they’re struggling with a class, when they get derailed from their goal of college graduation.  Knowing this information allows you to intervene with the right support at the right time, and increases their chances of graduating from college.

I invite you to try GradSnapp. Sign up for a demo and I’ll walk you through the features that can help increase graduation rates for your students. By using GradSnapp, not only will you get valuable time back in your day, you will give your students a chance at a brighter future. Now isn’t that worth it?