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GradSnapp on the Go

GradSnapp on the Go

With a powerful computer in the palm of your hand (or just a voice command away), it’s little wonder that Americans look at their phones nearly 50 times per day and more than two-thirds access the internet on mobile devices. Nowadays, we’re increasingly likely to pull out a smartphone to complete everyday tasks. Looking to book a flight, pay a bill, order a pizza? You’re probably doing it on your mobile device. Responding to a text message while you’re elbow deep in dish soap? Siri can take care of that!

For practitioners supporting college persistence, having easy access to student information is invaluable. The better we understand the challenges they’re facing, the better we’ll be able to help. But when working with busy students, we often have to meet them where they are – and sometimes that’s not at our desks in the office.

That’s why GradSnapp was designed for use on-the-go.

Both practitioner and student portals are mobile-responsive for easy access on a phone or tablet. That means student data is always at your fingertips, whether you’re on campus meeting with students or fielding urgent requests on your way out of the office. No need to scribble down contact notes on the back of an envelope. Using your phone’s voice-to-text functionality, simply dictate highlights from your interaction straight into the student’s profile.

When seeking information from students, it’s important to make the process as seamless as possible to increase response rates. The oldest members of Generation Z are headed to college campuses, bringing with them their habits as digital natives – which means mobile isn’t optional, it’s required. In GradSnapp, students can quickly complete onboarding surveys or even upload transcript photos, right from their mobile device. (We know it’s usually within arm’s reach!)

Learn more about the mobile-friendly features that can help you support students anytime, anywhere: request a demo today!