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Integrated Student Communications

We get a lot of questions about why we built GradSnapp and what makes it unique among other similar platforms. A lot of this answer comes from our experience with the Dell Scholars program. GradSnapp evolved from the administrative technology tool that the Dell Scholars program uses to support their scholars. We’ve seen incredible success in that program, and for the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, there’s no value in keeping programs and solutions that work to ourselves. We created GradSnapp as a stand-alone product that any organization can use to support students through college. Since no two programs are alike, we built GradSnapp to manage student support programs at scale, with customizable features.

When we set out to build GradSnapp, we focused heavily on creating a suite of customizable features that support integrated student communications. We learned early in our Dell Scholars journey that getting student perspectives, feedback, and information is critical to providing timely support. We wanted all student support programs to be able to get this important information directly from their students, but we heard from program staff that there were many inefficiencies in their student communications.

They were balancing communications with their students in their work and personal inboxes, on the phone at work, and often texting at night and over the weekend to address student issues. And there was no way for other team members to see a full view of the communications that took place with a student at-a-glance, so on top of advising students, practitioners were spending a lot of time creating reports to share with their team members about the student interactions.

GradSnapp enables our customers to communicate directly with students, take extensive notes on the outcomes of the conversations, and track any next steps necessary. You can call, text, and email – whatever works best for your students.  Best of all, these communications are automatically logged in each student’s profile, so the conversation history can be referenced by your team as needed in support of greater student persistence and completion.

And we know that there are always opportunities to evolve our features to address challenges you are facing. For example, we heard from many practitioners they they don’t necessarily want to share their personal phone numbers with all students but do need a way to text and call students at night and on weekends. We are working on a feature right now that will allow you to receive text messages from students to a single phone number of your choosing. The entire thread is powered by GradSnapp so students are communicating through the platform – not directly to your personal phone number. And because it’s powered by GradSnapp, the text conversation is logged in the student profile.

We think it’s important to know your students – each one – so we facilitate seamless, integrated communication between your team and your students. If you want to learn more about how GradSnapp can support your program, request a demo today.