Integrated Student Communications

We get a lot of questions about why we built GradSnapp and what makes it unique among other similar platforms. A lot of this answer comes from our experience with the Dell Scholars program. GradSnapp… Read more »

Acceptance Letters are Great. Diplomas are Even Better.

This year, I attended the National Charter School Conference (NCSC) to share GradSnapp, a technology that helps students complete college by tracking continuous student progress. Over the course of the conference,  the most common sentiment… Read more »

College completion takes a village

The transition from high school to college is an exhilarating and exciting time, but also daunting and bit scary for most students.  This is no different for first-generation college students, but often these students don’t… Read more »

How to know each of your college students

As the Portfolio Director of Dell Scholars, I know the key to success in helping our Dell Scholars graduate from college depends on our ability to know each and every student.  To know who they… Read more »