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How summer surveys can lead to fall success

How summer surveys can lead to fall success

Summer is a critical time to put plans in place for students attending college in the fall. Many of them have overcome tremendous adversity to reach this point, and nothing is more rewarding than helping them get on (or stay on!) the track towards college success. But your ability to support them is only as powerful as the data you have at your fingertips. Between onboarding calls and the financial aid frenzy, how can you manage to plan for the next semester, and get more students across the graduation stage in the years to come?

Unfortunately, between balancing student communications via email, on the phone at work, and by text 24/7, identifying gaps and responding to student needs effectively can be a herculean task. But it doesn’t have to be! GradSnapp can streamline your communications during onboarding and the start of a new fall semester through our survey feature, so you can focus your efforts on interventions instead of admin.

Through our student management platform, you can quickly and efficiently –

Aggregate resources in one place: Data entry isn’t the best use of your time. Through GradSnapp, student feedback from emails, texts, and onboarding surveys, along with assessments from their high school counselors, is automatically aggregated in a student profile. Add notes from your transition interviews here to complete the full picture.

Assess gaps in student data: No more color-coding folders and sifting through spreadsheets. Simply query which student surveys are incomplete and send a bulk or individual reminder text, email, or message directly from GradSnapp to track down those missing transcripts and financial aid packages.

See risk indicators and take action: Surveys are a primary mechanism for capturing data on your students, and any areas for concern will be flagged in the student’s profile. From excessive unmet financial needs, to enrollment in remedial courses or living off campus without reliable transportation –  these are factors where your attention and support may make a meaningful difference.

This summer survey season, learn more about how GradSnapp can help you prepare for success this fall. Request a demo today!