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College Success for Charter Schools & Networks

Are your alumni reaching college graduation?

You can support your students to a degree. Because acceptance letters are great, but diplomas are even better.

How GradSnapp Works

Track graduation outcomes

Track graduation outcomes

Most leading charter networks are focused on increasing college access for their students. But do you know if those students are reaching college graduation? GradSnapp allows you to track alumni through college, identify retention and graduation trends, and uncover opportunities to evolve your program over time.

Empower trusted mentors

Empower trusted mentors

Through rigorous college prep in high school, students are also learning another important lesson: that you believe in them. This support can make all the difference when it comes to reaching college graduation. GradSnapp helps advisors build on this foundation of trust so you can be there when it counts, helping students stay on track through the college journey.

Identify opportunities for impact

Identify opportunities for impact

GradSnapp isn’t a tech solution – it’s a people solution. Our technology makes it possible to quickly determine where personal interventions will have the greatest impact when serving students at scale. With the right information at the right time, advisors are able to prioritize and help where they’re needed most. That means more effective support and more students crossing the graduation stage.

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