Track College Persistence

Are you tracking college success through graduation?

Enrolling in college marks a major milestone for your students – but it’s just the first step. How can you track and support their progress to a college degree?

How GradSnapp Tracks College Persistence

Survey Tools

How well do you know each student? Without visibility into their college plans, financial aid offers, and living arrangements — or their academic or financial hurdles once they’ve started college — it’s challenging to anticipate risk factors. Through customizable surveys, GradSnapp gives you insight into issues that could derail students so you can intervene.

Student Updates

Your support is critical to college completion, but it’s also important to help students learn to advocate for themselves through the college journey. GradSnapp allows students to track their own data and progress, including identifying potential challenges like financial aid gaps. GradSnapp also allows students to enter their information directly, saving advisors valuable time so they can focus on student support.

Comprehensive Dashboard

College persistence relies on quick intervention. But when data is scattered across various email threads and spreadsheets, it’s difficult to pinpoint issues that need your attention. The GradSnapp dashboard keeps all student information in once place and helps you identify key risk indicators at a glance. Zoom in to see individual student profiles, or zoom out to monitor trends in persistence and graduation rates over time.