College Success Tools Inc. & GradSnapp

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation ( ) is dedicated to improving the lives of children living in urban poverty around the world. College Success Tools, Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation creating technology tools for college success.

GradSnapp was developed from the technology behind the Dell Scholars program. Since 2004, Dell Scholars has supported over 4,000 students with a lean team of advisors. Our ability to help scholars depends on what we know about the challenges they are facing, and our technology helps us get that information directly from students so that we can intervene and provide appropriate support. The technology is now available as a cloud-based student management platform for college success – GradSnapp.

Open positions:

Current Opportunity – Senior .NET Engineer, Austin, TX

The GradSnapp Team

Oscar Sweeten-Lopez


Oscar Sweeten-Lopez is the president of College Success Tools at the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, the founder of GradSnapp, and past president of the Board of Directors for the National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA). That’s a lot of titles, but here’s the part that matters to you: Oscar is mission-driven, college graduation-motivated and technology-obsessed. Oscar served more than a decade as the portfolio director overseeing the highly successful Dell Scholars program. His work directly advising students and developing a high engagement program model at scale has provided him the experience and insights to build technology that addresses the needs of college success advisors.

Bryan Potter

Technology Services Director

Curtis Powell

Customer Success Manager

Daniel Nelson

Senior Developer

Marlaina Wall

Customer Success Manager