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Are the students you support reaching college graduation?

Making college graduation a reality for disadvantaged students: we know your mission because it’s ours, too.

How GradSnapp Works

Proven success for disadvantaged students

Proven success for disadvantaged students

GradSnapp was developed as the technology behind Dell Scholars, which supports students from low-income backgrounds who are often the first in their families to attend college. GradSnapp makes it possible for college success programs to identify risk factors, prioritize effectively, and intervene where support can have the greatest impact. And it works – 80 percent of Dell Scholars graduate on time with a bachelor’s degree, a rate four times the national average.

Know your students. Each one.

Know your students. Each one.

GradSnapp was designed to provide an in-depth view of each student, from financial and academic status to the “life happens” factors – the flat tire, the family illness – that can impact the college experience. Reporting dashboards allow you to zoom in on individual students or zoom out to see risk indicators or graduation outcomes, with big picture insights to evolve your college prep and persistence strategies.

Greater efficiency, greater outcomes

Greater efficiency, greater outcomes

By spending less time on administrative tasks, advisors have more time to focus on student interventions. In a single tool, advisors can organize student data, manage bulk communications, and create data visualizations. While the factors impacting college completion can be complicated, GradSnapp helps advisors make sense of it all and prioritize effectively. All that adds up to more students crossing the graduation stage.

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