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Monitor College Persistence With Reporting and Analytics

Do you have a clear picture of your impact on student outcomes?

Acceptance letters are just the beginning. Is your support helping students reach college graduation?

What GradSnapp Does

Longitudinal Reporting

Longitudinal Reporting

If you can’t measure your progress over time, it’s difficult to know whether your efforts are paying off. Monitoring student outcomes year-over-year helps you understand which interventions and activities have the most significant impact on college success, including for specific cohorts. With GradSnapp’s longitudinal reporting, you can continue to improve with each passing year.

Integration with National Student Clearinghouse

Integration with National Student Clearinghouse

Many organizations use data from the National Student Clearinghouse to monitor college enrollment and degree attainment. GradSnapp provides the tools to make sense of that data and put it into action. Save time analyzing NSC reports by viewing student-level data in the context of each student’s profile, right alongside your advising notes. The Student Risk Indicator offers a quick view of enrollment gaps and risk factors in just a few clicks.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Advanced Search Capabilities

Sorting through data can be overwhelming, especially when you can’t find the information you need when you need it most. The GradSnapp advanced search feature ensures you can locate student data quickly and easily. No more rummaging through files or compiling numbers from disparate systems — just simple, user-friendly, instant access.

Ready to access the reporting and analytics you need to help more students graduate?

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