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College Success for Scholarship Providers

Are your scholarship recipients reaching college graduation?

Scholarships can make a difference for deserving students with financial need. But with only 20% of low-income students reaching graduation, are your scholarship recipients benefitting from your investment?

How GradSnapp Works

More than a check

More than a check

College scholarships make higher education a reality for so many deserving students. But are your scholarship recipients reaching the finish line? Beyond financial concerns, there are many factors impacting a student’s journey to graduation day. GradSnapp helps you identify those factors and track and support students all the way to college success.

Greater efficiency for greater impact

Greater efficiency for greater impact

GradSnapp makes it possible to make a greater impact with the resources you already have available. With the right information at the right time, advisors are equipped to work more efficiently and help where they’re needed most, all while keeping staffing and administrative costs low.

For advisors, by advisors

For advisors, by advisors

GradSnapp was developed for advisors at Dell Scholars, a college-completion and scholarship program of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. The technology allowed them prioritize effectively and intervene for the greatest impact. And it’s working – Dell Scholars attain a bachelor’s degree at four times the national average for students from similar backgrounds.

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