Know Your Students. Each One.

With the right information at the right time, college success advisors can help more students reach their higher education goals.

How We Help

The support of a trusted advisor can make all the difference for college students pursuing a degree. But effective college persistence support begins with understanding each student’s goals and the challenges they are facing. How can college success advisors provide individualized support to so many students – and make sure to be there when it matters most?

Our cloud-based student management platform allows advisors to access timely and actionable information about their students. Visibility into students’ academic progress, financial aid and personal circumstances can help advisors anticipate potential risk factors and be ready to intervene.’

At the end of the day, it’s not about the technology – it’s about the relationships it makes possible. GradSnapp is here to help you serve as a support system from day one all the way through graduation.

Key Functions

Data Collection

Through customizable surveys, holistic student profiles, and National Student Clearinghouse integration, GradSnapp makes it easy for advisors to monitor each student’s status. The platform is designed to minimize manual data entry so advisors can spend their time on the work that matters most – supporting students.

Data Analysis

The GradSnapp dashboard keeps all student information in once place and helps advisors identify key risk indicators at a glance. Zoom in to see individual student profiles or zoom out to monitor trends in persistence and graduation rates over time.

Advising Tools

With heavy caseloads, it’s not always easy for advisors to maintain significant touchpoints with students. Our advising features simplify the process with streamlined task management, step-by-step interventions, and other tools to support the journey. Shared case management means that teams can work more efficiently with critical information at their fingertips.

Student Engagement

GradSnapp is designed to facilitate seamless, integrated communication between your team and your students. Rather than tracking conversations across multiple channels, manage individual outreach and bulk campaigns directly from GradSnapp. Texts and emails are automatically logged in each student’s profile so advisors can pick up the conversation where it left off.