GradSnapp in Action: Collegiate Academies

Collegiate Academies builds world-class public charter schools that prepare all students for college success and lives of unlimited opportunity. The organization was incorporated in September 2011 in New Orleans, expanding to Baton Rouge in August 2017.

On average, Collegiate Academies students enter freshman year reading at a 6th grade level. 20 percent of students receive special education services and 14 percent of students are over age by two years or more. With the network’s commitment to serving this diverse community of learners, 99 percent of students are accepted into college by the end of senior year – securing over $9.3 million in scholarships last year alone.

But the support doesn’t stop there. As we often say at GradSnapp, acceptance letter are great, but diplomas are even better. Through college completion initiative CA Next, the program helps students navigate college through undergraduate and graduate school through direct advising and counseling of alumni.

GradSnapp is proud to partner with CA Next to support these students along the higher education journey! In this video, hear from Collegiate Academies’ practitioners about the role GradSnapp plays in supporting their students to college success.