[Webinar Recording] Advising Notes: The Secret to Student Engagement

As a college success advisor, you have a lot to keep up with. That’s why it’s so important to keep quality advising notes so that nothing falls between the cracks. But did you know that those advising notes can actually result in increased student engagement with your program?

In this webinar with panelists from Henderson Collegiate High School and Scholarship Plus, learn how detailed advising notes can translate to increased trust and engagement among the students you serve. We discuss how advising notes can help a colleague step into your place if a student needs urgent support while you’re out, how they can enable a shared approach to case management, and how they can even help you identify common trends to adapt your advising approach and programming. It all adds up to more engaged students — and better student outcomes.

Learn more about how to put your advising notes to work. Click here to access our guide on “How to Write Effective Advising Notes.”