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Virtual Advising for College Success

Challenged with providing individualized support to so many students at once?

Advisors are committed to the success of each and every student. But how can your team provide individualized support to so many students at once – and make sure they’re there when it matters most?

How GradSnapp Supports Virtual Advising

Technology to Help You Scale

Technology to Help You Scale

Heavy caseloads make it difficult for advisors to maintain significant touchpoints with students, but virtual advising technology can streamline this process. GradSnapp arms advisors with the right information at the right time. And with collective case management, teams can work more efficiently and provide individualized support when it’s needed most.

Integrated Communications

Integrated Communications

It’s challenging to share caseloads when individual messages and conversations are spread across multiple channels. GradSnapp’s integrated communications allow students to email or text with individual advisors, but empowers your entire team to work together to support students behind the scenes. This technology boosts cross-team efficiency while helping you foster more impactful, real-life relationships.

Available on the Go

Available on the Go

To provide the right support at the right time, you need student information at your fingertips. Both advisor and student portals are mobile-responsive for easy access on a phone or tablet. And no need to scribble down contact notes on the go – simply dictate updates using your phone’s voice-to-text functionality, logging the interaction directly in the student’s profile.

Ready to support your students through virtual advising?

Learn more about how virtual advising can help students persist all the way to graduation day.

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